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Professional Payment Terms for Illustration Services:

Thank you for considering my illustration services for your creative projects. Below are the details regarding payment methods and pricing for my work:

Payment Method: My only accepted payment method is PayPal or Venmo in USD currency. Robux will be accepted if conversion to USD is above $50 (4000 rx). 

Pricing Structure: My services are priced based on the complexity of the project and the effort involved. The cost for each user interface (UI) design typically falls within the range of $3 to $25+. More intricate and elaborate designs may be subject to higher charges due to the increased time and expertise required to complete them.

Minimum Order Requirement: For first-time clients, there is a minimum order requirement of $25 worth of illustrations. This ensures a mutually beneficial working relationship and allows me to provide dedicated attention to the initial project.

Payment Upfront: To initiate a project, payment is required upfront in USD through PayPal/Venmo. The exact price may vary depending on the project's deadline and complexity. By requesting upfront payment, I can prioritize and commence work promptly, ensuring efficient project completion. For orders totaling more than $100, a payment split of 75-25% will be applied. For example, 75% of the total amount ($75) will be required upfront, and the remaining 25% ($25) will be due upon completion or delivery of the project. 

Negotiable Pricing: I firmly believe in open communication and value mutually beneficial collaborations. Therefore, all prices are negotiable. If you have a proven track record of successful projects and wish to include me in your team, I am open to considering revenue-sharing arrangements (in terms of percentages) on a case-by-case basis.

Transparency in Pricing: As the illustrator, I reserve the right to determine the final pricing for each commission. However, I am committed to fairness and transparency. If you have concerns about the pricing or feel that it may not align with the project's scope, I welcome your input and encourage open dialogue to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries or to discuss your specific project needs. I am excited to collaborate with you on your creative endeavors and deliver high-quality illustrations that meet your expectations.

Availability: My current drawing schedule for UI projects does not adhere to a fixed timeframe. However, until my commission workload increases significantly, you can anticipate receiving the completed work within a reasonable timeframe, typically ranging from just a few hours to a maximum of 4 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Terms of Service (TOS): Please read and agree to the following terms before proceeding with your order:

Thank you for considering my services.